Branding is at the heart of every business. Think of it like an identity/face/personality of your business. Good branding work is able to resonate with the public—have consumers talking, support, and be loyal to a business/brand.


It all starts here. Concepts set a solid and clear foundation for brands to execute on strategies and ideas.

Brand Identity

Who you are as a brand is equally important as what you are selling. Help consumers know you as a brand.


In an oversaturated market, finding your angle of messaging and selling points are key to standing out among competitors.

Bees Knees

Modern and contemporary branding work for Australian company, Bees Knees, business owners’ solution provider.

KM Group

Sleek and edgy branding work for Kerteh Group, automotive business with plantation and property subsidiaries, based in Malaysia.

Magic Brush Australia

Name card design
Name cards for representatives at Magic Brush Australia, paint expert company for events and homes.


Logo Revamp
Logo and website facelift for Malaysian-based digital creative agency, Digital Zoopedia.

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